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Gary Adkins"We want to assure you of our commitment to you, a commitment we have taken very seriously for over 50 years!"

- Gary Adkins

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Gary Adkins Associates, Inc
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Coin News

Fun Show

July 16, 2014

FUN Show Highlights!   The weather was hot, but the show was not. Normally, we don’t expect much from the summer FUN Show because it is mid-summer when everyone’s thoughts are of vacations and siesta’s on the beach. Attendance was not bad and those who attended were there to buy.   The slower pace gave me a great opportunity to hit the bourse floor and vacuum up all the worthwhile coins I could find. You will see about 200 new coins added to our site. I was able to buy several great collector coins including a 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter, a 1796 Small Eagle Draped Bust Dollar, a gorgeous 1934-S Peace Dollar, an elusive choice uncirculated Classic $5 Gold and...

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July 01, 2014

Tungsten - Shield Yourself From Fake Gold Friday June 27, 2014 12:59   Tungsten is an amazing metal: hard and dense, with the highest melting point of all elements, tungsten is used in many industrial and military applications where high temperatures or radiation are an issue. Alas, with a density very close to that of gold, it has also become the material of choice for many in the business of faking gold coins or bars. Weight and dimensional conformity used to be reliable indicators of the authenticity of standard gold items. While early forgeries may have been crude and simple, today’s “professionals” have found ways to keep shapes and weights in near perfect balance, making detection increasingly harder. Pirates used...

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Michigan State Numis Show
Dearborn, MI 
April 17-20

Central States Numis Society Show
Shaumberg IL
April 24-27

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