It is cooler than usual for early September in Minnesota and everyone is breaking out the sweaters! The market for nice, quality coins is still warm and toasty, however, and we have just returned from the Long Beach Coin Convention with nearly 300 new items added to inventory.
Long Beach was busy for us, but, some dealers were less than enthusiastic about the turnout. Timing was probably the biggest factor, just after the long Labor Day weekend and on the heels of the phenomenal ANA convention in Chicago. Simply put, if you attend the shows ready to do business and have a diverse inventory, you will do just fine. Leave the negativity at home and keep a positive approach with customers! It is said that “misery loves company” but my philosophy is to surround myself with positive people, provide a great product and superior customer service, exceeding expectations. It has worked now for 50 years!
Hope you get a chance to enjoy the last few weeks before old man winter arrives. Have a great weekend and “Happy Hunting”!