November 07, 2014

“The Landslide Will Bring You Down”

The election this past week reminded me of “Landslide”, the old Fleetwood Mack song by Stevie Nicks. The obvious question we ask ourselves is how this change will affect the coin and precious metals markets? Not having a crystal ball, our best guess is “not much”.


Certainly the metals markets have been volatile with some serious downside the past few months. The dollar is perceived as the world “reserve” currency for now and with a new Congress theoretically “in charge”, the stock market should continue to rally to new levels.


A robust economy means more disposable income for collectible coins. On the converse side, we have some serious national debt, and even a new Congress will have difficulty with that issue. Metals will probably remain volatile to the downside for now, but we feel the longer term prospects for metals is quite solid. Great collectible coins still seem to be a solid bet for the future.


Our participation in the Balitmore show was very successful and we returned with many new and interesting coins. We are finding our customers continue to concentrate on quality and upgrading.


The next convention we will attend will be the Michigan State Numismatic Society show from November 28 – 30, 2014. The location will be the Macomb Community College Expo Center, South Campus, 14500 East 12 Mile Road - Building P, Warren, Michigan. We will have a great selection of choice and rare coins, and I will have my checkbook in hand for any items you may have for sale. Or, let’s do some trading! Hope to see you there.


Have a great weekend and “Happy Hunting”!