Sunny Long Beach and Back


Now I remember why I dislike the cold winter months. After a week in sunny 70 degree days attending the Long Beach Expo in California, it’s hard to come back to 10 below zero in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Luckily, I brought back plenty of hot new coins that are sure to heat things up!


We worked hard to find coins for our serious loyal collectors who have want lists on file with us. It is true that it is becoming more challenging to find nice eye appealing key date coins at the shows. Usually, we come back with only a handful. And, those who have want lists on file with us get to choose first so most of those pieces do not make it onto our website. Please consider providing us with your want list so we can assist you in securing the coins you want.


We are heading to St Louis, the Gateway to the West, on Thursday to attend the St Louis Numismatic Association’s 51st Greater America Coin Fair. This venue is very active and we love seeing so many of our Midwest friends.