Collectors’ Dominate!

That’s right, collectors rule the marketplace!  No matter if you are a cent collector or have the worlds’ most expensive registry set, you set the market tone.


Demand has rebounded and one key is the 30+ to 40+ year olds who are new to collecting or who have rekindled a childhood hobby. They have a new appreciation for great numismatic items and a great opportunity to build a very nice collection.  Prices today are very low compared to historical records. Nice MS63-65 type coins are inexpensive so a very nice representative type set of 19th and 20th century coinage can be built for a fraction of their all time highs. This is just one example and there are many more.


We just returned from St. Louis with some great items. And, new coins from grading arrive frequently. You are sure to find something that you can’t live without. Check out our less frequently viewed items such as medals and tokens, and our foreign and ancient coins. These are becoming very popular.


Remember, we are also buyers of nice coins and paper money. Keep us in mind if you have something to sell or trade.


Thanks to you for ruling the marketplace!


Happy hunting!


Gary Adkins