September 20, 2013

Demand Remains Strong For Numismatic Coins

Plus graded material is also being targeted, vastly benefiting those Set Registry players. In addition to collector demand, much of the CAC stickered as well as Plus graded slabs have ready sight-unseen buyers providing even more liquidity over less than average examples. Strong demand continues on at this time, in spite of nearly $75 million worth of product bought off the market in the auctions surrounding the ANA convention a few weeks ago. Of course, this is in addition to the huge amount of coins sold on the ANA bourse floor. However, to put this into perspective, a large portion of these sales were inevitably to dealers who are not buying them to hold for the long term, resulting in this capital recycling through the market. But eventually in this trading cycle most of those coins will find long-term homes in collections, securing funds from collectors.”

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