December 12, 2016

Houston-Cowboys & Coins!

Houston, America’s 4th largest city hosted the popular Houston Coin Club at the Houston Convention Center. It was a nice event fairly well attended and the coin club does a very nice job.


We bought and sold many great coins in Houston. Among the new highlights are some very nice type coins including a nice 1796 Draped Bust Dollar and several other early dollars as well, We have added some great collector coins including a 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter, a nice 1904-S Morgan and a pleasing Lafayette Commemorative Dollar. We have also added some very nice proof coins including Trade, Morgan, Seated and Walking Liberty.


Gold additions include a 1802/1 Capped Bust Five Dollar, and a very nice 1911-S Five Dollar Indian. A coin of interest is the beautiful German Teutonic Crown. It is quite spectacular. We have added well over 100 new coins from Houston, and some more that we did not have time to get entered from the Michigan Show.


You will always find something interesting and something perhaps you will want to own. Don’t forget to make those gift purchases as well.


A special note to you that use the link to “New to Store”. We just added more than 60 coins that will appear in the category assigned but will not show on the “New to Store” page until Saturday morning due to how the website works. Please make sure to check the individual pages as well as you might miss what you are looking for.


Have a great weekend and all the best,

Gary, Steve, Chance and Freddie