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Gary Adkins receives 25 years Outstanding Service Award from PNG Executive Director Robert BrueggmanBuying and Selling Rare Coins for Over 50 years.

We at Gary Adkins Associates believe that collecting and investing in rare gold coins, rare silver coins, old currency and gold and silver bullion coins is an opportunity to diversify a portion of ones investments into tangible hard assets that provide protection in today’s investment climate. Coupled with the knowledgeable numismatic and precious metals representatives at Gary Adkins Associates, you will feel confident you are making the right collecting and investing decisions

Making the right decisions in collectable rare coins, and doing so with a vast working knowledge is what Gary Adkins Associates can bring to the table. Gary Adkins, a past President of the Professional Numismatist Guild, and current Vice President of the American Numismatic Association has over 50 years buying, selling and personally collecting rare coins, gold coins, silver coins and bullion coins.

As we move through the year, interest in rare coins and precious metals is very strong.  We continue to provide a level of service which is unsurpassed. There is an old saying in the coin business, “QUALITY, SERVICE, PRICE, -PICK ANY TWO”. Well, we say you should not have to compromise, so we are striving for 100% satisfaction in all three categories.  Please give us the opportunity to gain your trust and satisfaction. 

As mentioned earlier, the coin market is very strong. Some areas have been over-promoted by the larger marketing companies and prices are at unrealistic highs. Some areas still have potential for growth.

If you are considering the sale or acquisition of any material, we urge you to call immediately to discuss the options.

We can offer a myriad of options including:

  • A refined want list service
  • Direct purchase of your coins
  • Consignment at very low rates
  • Grading and submission services through PCGS and NGC
  • Licensed, bonded and insured dealer. This gives you the assurance of payment.

We are always pleased to offer our recommendations about upgrading your coins for maximum value, or the pros and cons of consigning to auction. Let us help you navigate the playing field. I have over 50 years experience in the coin business and know the sources and resources to benefit your collection, and maximize value. 

We will look forward to seeing you at all major conventions as we will have a full service booth available and a wide selection of quality coins for your approval. Our current inventory consists of many choice and desirable coins and currency ranging in price from $200 to well over $100,000. Your complete satisfaction is important to us and we work toward building long term relationships, whether buying or selling. 

My staff and I are eager to assist you. Our team has many years experience and is very knowledgeable about the market.  Freddie Leighton has many years experience in operations and customer service. Steve and Chance Brodersen are key members who maintain our customer outreach and service.

We want to assure you of our commitment to you, a commitment we have taken very seriously for over 45 years!

Call today and we will give you the 110% experience. 

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Located in NW corner of 494 and Highway 100
5151 Edina Industrial Blvd, Suite 200
Edina, MN 55439

If you have a question, email us at customerservice@coinbuys.com



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