Collectors Bill of Rights

Gary Adkins was awarded one of the PNG'S highest honors for his work on and developing the "Collector's Bill of Rights." We are licensed, bonded and insured by the state of Minnesota. #40389164


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The Professional Numismatists Guild is proud to present this pledge to the numismatic community.


  1. Not misrepresent rarity, value or quality of items sold.
  2. Not use high-pressure sales tactics.
  3. Never knowingly buy or sell stolen items, and assist authorities in the recovery of such items.
  4. Not sell counterfeit, altered or repaired items withour full disclosure to the buyer.
  5. Not misrepresent the investment potential of items being sold.
  6. Pay reasonable prices and pay promptly for items purchased from clients.
  7. Promptly deliver items sold to clients.
  8. Do our best to educate our clients or direct them to resources.
  9. Give research and information to clients about items they purchase or inquire about, when requested.
  10. Submit to PNG arbitration in any unresolved dispute and abide by arbitrator's decision.