Coin Dealer of the Year



  • Members of the PNG (John Brush and Gary Adkins). Gary served as past president of the “Professional Numismatists Guild” (PNG). John is currently serving on the Board of Directors in his first term. There are thousands of coin dealers nationally, but only about 275 PNG members due to strict membership standards. The PNG is at the forefront on consumer protection and regulation of the industry. 
  • Life Member of “The American Numismatic Association” (ANA) and frequent consultants and contributors. Gary currently serves as the President of the ANA and John has taught several years at the ANA Summer Seminar. This is the largest coin collector organization in the world. 
  • DLRC is a member of the “Industry Council for Tangible Assets” (ICTA). Gary has served as a member of the Board of Directors for the past twenty years and is the past chairman of the organization. ICTA is the coin and precious metals consumer and dealer advocate group in Washington, D.C.
  • Major contributor to the pricing offered in “The Guidebook of United States Coins” by R.S. Yeoman, the major reference book for United States coins. This book lists every U.S. coin with grading and pricing information to the market.
  • A guest or interviewed for market opinions by networks and news media.Making the right decisions in collectable rare coins, and doing so with a vast working knowledge is what DLRC can bring to the table with over 100 years of experience combined buying, selling and personally collecting rare coins, gold coins, silver coins and bullion coins.


  • Nearly 10 decades combined experience in buying, selling and trading rare coins, currency and precious metals. As collectors at heart, we understand the needs of collectors and investors.
  • Diverse business background includes real estate investment, land development, automotive engineering, movie production, and bank ownership.
  • Assisted thousands of serious collectors and investors to assemble collections or portfolios of choice and rare coins, currency and precious metals.
  • Gary Adkins created the “Collectors Bill of Rights” on behalf of PNG and was awarded one of the organizations highest honors for that work. This Bill of Rights outlines what consumers should expect from anyone they do business with.
  • Served as business issues advisor to the National Federation of Independent Business, the Minnesota Legislature, and the Better Business Bureau regarding consumer protection and tax issues.