How to Invest in Coins & Precious Metals

Rare coins and precious metals offer two completely different strategies.

Both should be looked at as wealth preservation strategies or a longer term hold. One cannot overlook, however, the opportunities which short term trading can also offer.

IRA's and 401-K's offer two fairly recent approaches.

Although, gold and silver have been allowed in IRA's and 401-K's since the mid-80's. Investment professionals, brokers, and bankers have not really supported or recommended them to clients. Why? They cannot figure out how to make a sizable commission offering them as they do with stocks, bonds, and other financial investments.

The typical profit to the broker is only 3%-5% these days, so bankers and financial brokers would rather sell annuities or insurance where the commissions are higher.

The truth of the matter is that even with gold and silver at current lower levels, they have been the highest producing asset of the last ten years. They have outperformed everything, and are poised to rebound as the economies of the world struggle for direction and stability.

Our government is printing money at unprecedented levels, creating a fiat economy from its unsustainable value. As this scenario unfolds, precious metals are at the forefront of wealth and capital preservation. Everyone should consider putting at least 5% of their net worth in precious metals to protect their purchasing power and preserve capital. The profit motivation should be secondary.

This same scenario holds true for rare coins. Rare coins historically do very well in times of inflation. Selecting the proper quality and products are key. Let our experts direct you in the proper strategy for success.