How to Sell Your Coins for the Best Value

Key Points to Follow When Selling Your Coins

Here a few important items to remember when selling your coins and getting the best dealer.

  1. NEVER CLEAN YOUR COINS! You may significantly reduce their value.
  2. Have your coins appraised by a certified and reputable coin dealer. The dealer should be a member of the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG). You can look up a coin dealer's PNG certification here.
  3. Having your items organized and separated will expedite the appraisal evaluation process, and help a coin dealer to identify the “better” material you have.
  4. Keep your collection together. Many dealers do not have the capitol to buy large collections, and will always try to cherry pick. Our suggestion is to keep it all together or your may not be able to sell the leftovers! Remember, we buy it all!
  5. Sometimes, getting what is known as “third party certification” also makes sense. These are grading and authentication services that authenticate and assign a grade to your items. This only makes sense with those expensive items, since there is a cost to have this service completed. Our experts can guide you in this aspect and help you through the process. It is worth it on more expensive and esoteric items where a one grade difference in quality can make a big difference in value. There are only two such grading and authentication companies that we recommend, and it is important to select the best one for your material.
  6. Be cautious when working with a dealer. Many dealers try to purchase just the better items and leave you with the less expensive, harder to sell items. Always insist on getting a quote on the whole collection, and don't let anyone “cherry pick” your valuables.


If you're interested in selling your coins, please Contact Us. We can discuss your items and options with one of our certified Numismatists. You can also Schedule an Appraisal.

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How to Sell Your Coins for the Best Value

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    For the amateur collector, or someone that has inherited a collection, the process can be overwhelming.  We will help you realize the maximum price and you will feel comfortable with the outcome. Gary Adkins is a past President of the Professional Numismatist Guild, a membership organization with strict membership requirements.  Check the PNG website at We take our motto of “serving with honesty, integrity and reliability” very seriously.  

    Interested in buying coins?

    Interested in buying coins?

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    Need to sell or get an appraisal?
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