How to sell your coins, currency, and precious metals

If after our appraisal and evaluation you decide to sell your items, the process is quite simple. We will pay you on the spot.

Should you decide to hold onto your items or get another appraisal, there is never any pressure from us!

We are so convinced that our offer will meet and even exceed your expectation, that we encourage you to receive other competitors appraisals first. Then, bring your items to us to see for yourself!

We generally beat our competitors offers by 5%-10%, and in many cases, as much as 40%-50%.

Our philosophy and approach insure your satisfaction and the highest possible evaluation and price.

We are nationally recognized and respected experts, with many collectors and dealers who rely on us to supply their needs.

We are constantly monitoring the marketplace to find the best material for our customers thereby obtaining the best prices for those who sell to us.

Our national audience assures that we have many resources to be able to consistently pay you the most for your items.

We are licensed and bonded through the State of Minnesota and meet and exceed all Federal, State and Local requirements. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!