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With gold having broken historical highs, it becomes more relevant. My feeling has always been that everyone should attempt to hold some gold and silver in their asset portfolio.  If possible, 5% – 15% of one’s net worth seems like a plausible level of precious metals ownership.  With the proliferation of paper currency, gold and silver's role in the world’s economy as a store of value seems undeniable. Everyone’s comfort level is different and you will want to evaluate yours carefully.

What a unique opportunity United States numismatic gold coins offer. They provide protection and value in two ways, with their collector (numismatic) appeal, as well as the intrinsic precious metal content. Over the past 45 years in the coin and precious metals business, we have had the pleasure of handling many beautiful and rare collectible coins. None seem to capture the history, beauty and allure that U.S. gold coins provide. Assembling a personal collection of my own has been an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience.

You may think that it is too late to start this endeavor with gold at it's current levels.

Educate yourself now, decide what you might enjoy collecting, and begin now! Do you think those collectors who bought gold coins for their collections when gold was $350/ounce stopped buying when gold went to $500, $700 and even $1,000? The answer is no! They continue to add nice gold coins to their collections when they become available.

When gold drops back in value, they look at that as a great buying opportunity. When and if gold is at $2,000 or $3,000/ounce, you will look back at today (“the good old days”) and marvel at your genius! In the meantime you will have had a great deal of fun and enjoyment, and built a foundation of protection for the other less tangible assets in your portfolio.

No matter if you are a golden child or in your golden years, get ready to begin your own fascination with gold. With all my years of experience, I am here to assist you in every way possible. I hope to be an asset and a resource for your success. Call on me and I will be happy to provide advice and direction to meet your goals.

Gold is precious, but friends and clients are my most important assets! Looking forward to hearing from you soon.