Investors Corner

Investing has become an overused term. Webster defines “investing” as “endowing with a quality”. Our definition might vary a bit. In our mind, most so-called investments are mere speculation. You are speculating that something will be worth more, if you put your hard earned money into it. An investment to us is when you are guaranteed a certain return on your money, such as a bank certificate of deposit. In todays real dollars, that may not amount to much of all. But it is an investment, because at the end of a few months or years, you are “guaranteed” a rate of return, no matter how small. Anything that does not have a guarantee is a “speculation” Now, of course, you are relying on the bank to be around to guarantee your “investment”. If they are not, the government insurance (FDIC) will repay you, right? Let's hope so!

Now that you have decided you are speculating, what do you speculate in? Gold? Silver? Platinum? Old and rare coins? Every speculator is different, and their motivation and goals are different. Some want rapid appreciation, while others want long-term growth and stability. There is no easy answer, but rest assured that we are here. To make that decision process a lot less stressful and anxious. We want you to be successful.