How to Sell Your Coins

DLRC Purchase Options


  1. Outright Purchase: We’re always happy to buy outright with immediate payment! We can send ACH payments and wires when necessary as well.
  2. Consignment: If you have a coin that you want to just consign to us directly, we’re happy to sell it for you. We list these items for direct sale on the website. Just give us the minimum price that you can accept and we’ll do our best to sell your coins! Payment will be sent in 28 days.
  3. Auction Consignment: If you want to consign a coin to one of our weekly internet auctions, we can put our auction platform to work for you! Typically the seller would receive 85% of the final sales price in the auction. For larger collections, we can offer further flexibility, but we’re confident that we can outpace the rest! Payment will be sent in 28 days.
  4. No Reserve Auction Consignment: DLRC bids on all coins that are offered with no reserve. This is to protect the market value and the customer who consigned the coin. The seller will receive at minimum, 85% of the final sales price. Payment will be sent in 28 days.
  5. Guaranteed Auction Consignment: With the Guaranteed Auction Consignment, the process is the same as a regular auction consignment, however we have gone through the collection (or coin) and set a minimum value that we guarantee you will receive in the auction. With the GAP program, the seller feceives the upside of a no-reserve auction with none of the risk! Payment will be sent in 28 days.