Shipping & Returns


Whether you ship your collection to us, see us at a coin show, or if we travel to you, we are prepared to buy. For detailed instructions on how to ship coins, email us at

We Make Shipping Easy

  • At Gary Adkins Associates, we have insurance that covers your shipment of coins to us and we pay the cost.
  • It is easy and there is no need to declare any value at the post office.
  • Packages can contain a fairly significant value; so many dealings are handled in this way through the Postal Service.
  • If you need boxes, and preprinted labels we are happy to send them to you.
  • Your coins are processed quickly, usually resulting in your check arriving in a couple of days
  • If our price doesn’t suit your plans, we will ship your coins back.
  • If your Collection is too large or valuable, we will come to you and evaluate it on your premises. We can also arrange to visit you during one of the national coin conventions that we attend.


  • 0-$100 IS $5.00 PRIORITY
  • $101-$1499 IS $10.00 PRIORITY
  • OVER $1,500 IS $25.00 EXPRESS MAIL


Our customers who are not dealers and are not happy upon receipt of an order may return it within seven days in original condition and holder(s) for a full refund excluding shipping and handling charges.

Just call or email us with your intention.

This excludes modern bullion, bullion related items, and semi-numismatic gold and silver coins as the precious metals price changes daily. We will, however, purchase these bullion related products at fair prevailing market rates.



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Need to sell or get an appraisal?

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